exhibition on view from 11th of April till 11th of June, 2017

Jerzy Gottfried is a unique architect. He never sought the applause, which is why his designs are known primarily to the local community of designers and architects. He worked in Katowice and realized his projects mainly in Upper Silesia. He is the author of many extraordinary designs, including exhibition pavilions of unique form, sports halls with pioneering steel structures and the first skyscraper in Poland with open office space.

The presented exhibition is a review of Jerzy Gottfried’s unreleased and unfinished works, proving that reliable, multifaceted designing with a bit of courage can result in spectacular formal and spatial effects.

The exhibition was prepared by the Silesian Library in Katowice as part of the Silesian Architecture Creators program.

SILESIAN ARCHITECTURE CREATORS Is a long-term research and documentation project aimed at developing, protecting and promoting the architectural heritage of Upper Silesia from the second half of the twentieth century, and presenting the lives and architectural achievements of its creators.

PROJECT PARTNERS: Silesian Library in Katowice; Silesian Regional Chamber of Polish Architects; SARP branch in Katowice; Silesian Center for Cultural Heritage; Regional Institute of Culture; Katowice City Hall; Silesian University: Department of Art History, Institute of Sociology; Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology; Higher Technical School in Katowice.